Press releases and information for some of our artworks are listed below. For details or to buy an artwork please contact us on 00 33 (0)6 50 42 09 83 (Paris) or 00 44 (0)7950 501 261 (London).

MAD 3 Art Fair: Grey Area are showing at the Multiple Art Days fair at La Maison Rouge, 26th - 28th May 2017

Matt Calderwood's SCRAPS


Matt Calderwood

Commissioned as part of the Streets' music takeover, this video was shot in east London by one of Mike Skinner's favourite artists.

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Art Review - January & February 2011

Art Review: January & February, 2011

Nick Laessing

Oliver Basciano includes a piece from Nick Laessing's 'Spatial Harmonics' series in his selection of work chosen for the 'Dispatches' column in Art Review.

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Across the Universe - Guy Allott

Across the Universe

Guy Allott

Grey Area is delighted to present its first artist multiple, 'Across the Universe' by the London based artist Guy Allott. Conjuring up the optimism of space travel and the enduring yet retro expectation of visitors finally arriving from far, far away, the work plays with modernity, prehistory and recent cultural ancestry.

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Transformation #1 - Samuel Levack & Jennifer Lewandowski

Transformation #1

Samuel Levack & Jennifer Lewandowski

Grey Area presents a dark and intriguing world inspired by the film Blade Runner. Samuel Levack and Jennifer Lewandowski have created a series of 10 works which condense and reconfigure Ridley Scott's world of 2019.

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Cluster Fecundus - Richard Galpin

Cluster Fecundus

Richard Galpin

With excitement Grey Area presents a specially commissioned edition by Richard Galpin entitled Cluster Fecundus. Galpin’s work to date has involved hand scoring and peeling photographs with geometric precision, always editing and removing from the photographic surface to the point where the original image is largely erased, and a new form emerges.

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Spatial Harmonics: Studio Series, Berlin - Nick Laessing

Spatial Harmonics: Studio Series, Berlin

Nick Laessing

Nick Laessing has created a new series of works entitled Spatial Harmonics. Each work is a unique ink drawing created by a machine, a machine built by the artist in his Berlin studio. The machine takes its inspiration from a 19th century invention known as an Harmonograph which explores the theory of harmonics to produce delicate and precise mechanical drawings in the form of a spiral ellipse.

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