Guy Allott's Studio (Tone)

Sophie Glover

2015, edition of 7


In Guy Allott's studio we can see the artist carrying out various activities, holding a print up to check its progress, working his printing press, or just a pair of arms or his face deep in thought. And there he is, surrounded by the things he has made, the things he uses to create and the visual icons that have appeared in many works in recent years. Rockets, bell jars and maquettes... For a short time Allott’s creative space becomes Glover’s to work in and to explore. This work shows the usually unseen, inner workings of the artist’s studio all conveyed with Glover’s trademark charm and precision. This work demonstrates a series of processes, the initial drawing of course made in situ, a reflection after the fact with small tweaks made to bring some elements to the fore and others to fade slightly. But then the original drawing has been scanned and re-printed onto a ground chosen by the artist, then the finished print has been re-visited by Glover, in some she adds tones similar to the background colour, which give a weight and an atmosphere to the work. In the other version she colours it enthusiastically, evoking an atmosphere which is overwhelmingly positive and charming.

Image size: 400mm x 500mm
Framed size: 430mm x 530mm

Materials: Pigment print and pen drawing, hand coloured

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Guy Allott's Studio (Tone) by Sophie Glover
Guy Allott's Studio (Tone) by Sophie Glover
Guy Allott's Studio (Tone) by Sophie Glover