The Future of Robotic Sex

Guy Allott

2015, edition of 12


Guy Allott brings his usual technical authority and buoyant imagination to the world of science and experimentation. In the form of a series of woodcut prints that investigate a world of low-fi scientific experiments. Following on from his renowned Robots, and more recently Aliens woodcuts, in this new series Allott presents a world of lab experiments as carefully crafted studies of scientific vessels that compositionally and thematically take influence from traditional Dutch and Spanish still-lifes as well as expressionist printmaker Ernst Kirchner, Albrecht Dürer and the enlightenment. However Allott, as always, goes further than simply representing things pictorially, he also adds a curious narrative, rich with imagination and inventiveness. There is clearly some wizardry going on in these experiments, as small otherworldly chemical reactions seem to be happening. It is hard to tell what is being created here but we are being taken somewhere out of the ordinary, representing Guy Allott's search for Artificial Intelligence.

Framed size: 300mm x 400mm

Materials: Woodcut print on paper

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The Future of Robotic Sex by Guy Allott
The Future of Robotic Sex by Guy Allott