2014, edition of 10

€580 framed

This intriguing series of prints by OWP brings together a collection of the artist's ongoing fascinations. In his trademark style, the artist has hand drawn in painstaking detail, a host of surprising icons and symbols which on first glance appear completely unrelated but on closer inspection, links and meaning gradually become clear. Most of OWP's work is about ways of decoding groups of information. The artist intentionally sets up a situation where different elements first appear quite unconnected but by asking a few questions and with a little lateral thinking we can discover how they relate to one another in bizarre and often hard to fathom ways. In fact these drawings reflect a relatively modern way of thinking. The artist often references the idea of the 'internet attuned mind'. He has recently stated "When surfing the net, modern minds tend to make fluid changes of direction, connecting complex chains of information, one minute looking at new trainers, then trainers that look like hamburgers, then hamburger restaurants, then a restaurant location, then the history of the location. This could be the home of an 18th century magician to the birthplace of Edgar Allen Poe. Trainers to Edgar Allen Poe in 10 seconds." The internet is essentially a stream of complex codes in the form of images and text. These works separate out the thinking between each of the subjects, letting them float seemingly randomly among each other waiting for us to pick up the lines of thought and the internal references. Each work in the series is printed using a new archival pigment process, where inks are laid on to the surface of a coated polyester 'paper', giving these works luminescence and an highly tactile quality, perfectly conveying the original pen-work. The Egyptian Queen Nefertiti, the perfect hair styling technique, a piece of cake and a slice of pizza all floating in circles over his trademark edge-to-edge patterning. And in the centre we are confronted with the powerful stare of an owl. In this piece, triangles are everywhere. When talking about Argos the artist states: "I have always liked triangles. Argos is a pretty simple study about triangles. When trying to create a shape from scratch you must work like this. A point, a line, a triangle, a pyramid. The triangle is a so basic that It cannot be improved or refined. The only way to strengthen a triangle is by sub dividing it into more triangles. It has a kind of fractal beauty. I guess this interest comes from being part of the virtua fighter generation. One of the first computer games to represent a 3D world using clusters of triangles. It fascinated me as a child and still does." Within this structure we can see the jumps of theme, reference and context. Argos references the Egyptian alpha symbol and the pyramids, the savage symmetry explored in William Blake's 'The Tiger', fast food, and even a French film company called Argos films. Available unframed at 500 euros.

Image size: 700mm x 500mm
Framed work size: 740mm x 540mm

Materials: Pigment print on polyester, including signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.

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Argos by O.W.P
Argos by O.W.P
Argos by O.W.P