Amoebae Cinema

Katie Goodwin

2013, edition of 25

£250 framed

Goodwin has recently immersed herself in the world of scientific investigation on a microscopic level. As part of her Welcome Trust Arts Award she worked with a microbiologist who spent the best part of 50 years studying how single celled organisms move which resulted in a found footage film which collages conversation, 16mm holiday films and microscope images to draw parallels between human activity, scientific discovery and the world of film itself. This 3D print takes a humorous look at this scientific area of study, expanding on ideas raised in the film, effectively asking the question "What if amoebas went to the cinema?" Available unframed at £200.

Image size: 280mm x 380mm
Framed work size: 300mm x 400mm

Materials: 3D print on paper, supplied with a pair of anaglyph (3D) glasses.

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Amoebae Cinema by Katie Goodwin
Amoebae Cinema by Katie Goodwin
Amoebae Cinema by Katie Goodwin