Robot VIII

Guy Allott

2013, edition of 6

€600 each

Guy Allott brings his extraordinary creative energy to his love of robots. Each work is made with a subtle blend of techniques with woodblock printing forming the core process. This traditional technique most famously used by Japanese printmakers such as Utamaro, Hiroshige and Hokusai brings an ancient technique to a futuristic theme undercut with a retro quality, as these robots come from a vision of the future which has either already passed of never really arrived. Although printed from the same block, Allott makes each work completely unique by both changing the colours he uses on each impression and by adding painted areas by hand. Highlighting rocks falling in the background or changing the tone of the work entirely to significantly alter the mood of the image and the personality within it. Available framed at 700 euros.

Image size: 360mm x 260mm
Framed work size: 460mm x 360mm

Materials: Wood cut print on paper in wooden frame.

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Robot VIII by Guy Allott
Robot VIII by Guy Allott