Impression (G)

Matt Calderwood

2012, edition of 20 (plus 5 Artist's Proofs)

€600 each, framed

Matt Calderwood presents a new work that continues some of his classic themes: repetition, physicality, tesselation, balance, and the intriguing quality of materiality. In fact, so intriguing are these materials, that he will not even allow us to know how these prints are made. Clearly they are printed with a bold, assured execution in gloss black paint but what has he used as a printing block? The surface seems hard and tough but with a velvety softness. There is a gradual variation in tone across each element that encourages them to visually twist and turn in front of our eyes. This forces a relationship between each element and the image as a whole. The image seems to represent something which has a perspective and a depth to it but it is not as clear as that, the nature of the shapes continually creates a discourse which drags us back to understanding certain areas as very flat, without volume. An then we are back seeing perhaps a different way in which the image can be seen as several different solid objects. The work's physicality is clear. It holds the room, asking questions, asking us to ask questions... are all the shapes really the same... and where do these unusual geometric forms come from? The work plays with ideas of physicality and representation and above all it toys with a confusing take on the three dimensions.

Image size: 600mm x 420mm
Framed work size: 670mm x 490mm

Materials: Gloss paint on paper in wooden frame.

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Impression (G) by Matt Calderwood
Impression (G) by Matt Calderwood
Impression (G) by Matt Calderwood