2012: Victoria/New York

Simon Ripoll-Hurier

2011, edition of 5

€500 framed

Ripoll-Hurier's work often explores the business of selling 'concepts' to the public. Hollywood has proved a rich area of investigation for the artist. The familiarity of blockbuster imagery giving us all a shared recognition of symbols and ideas. This instant recognition is where Ripoll-Hurier starts. From a distance the work appears to come from a disaster movie but as we get closer it is clear that there has been some editing involved. The '2012' series takes idealised visions of the world, in the form of romanticised, optimistic posters of holiday destinations or seemingly unspoilt wildernesses and collages them with one of the media's favourite pastimes... reminding us of just how close we are to a seemingly inevitable horrific global disaster. Ripoll-Hurier collects posters from tourist hotspots, effectively massive postcards with blue skies, shimmering crystal waters or soaring landmarks. He then sets about cutting them up and mismatching pieces of perfection until we have a serious disaster on our hands. Images that strike us immediately as resembling something from a Hollywood disaster movie in which tidal waves and meteors strike only famous global landmarks.

Framed work size: 470mm x 570mm x 35mm

Materials: Cut-up posters in black wooden frame.

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2012: Victoria/New York by Simon Ripoll-Hurier
2012: Victoria/New York by Simon Ripoll-Hurier